17 October - Potting and heaters

Potting Apply an anti-transpirant to evergreen plants post-potting to prevent excessive transpiration.

Heaters Winter-grade oil should be put in heaters to prevent fuel gelling. Premium-grade paraffin in direct-fired paraffin heaters will help prevent leaf scorch from combustion.

Thrips Renew pheromone lures and blue sticky traps to encourage pests out of growing tips and flowers. Use yellow traps on dull days.

Powdery mildew & rust Both produce winter resting spores that remain viable through winter. Use contact-acting eradicant fungicides, which are more effective this month. Mildew products include food-grade potassium bicarbonate, AQ10 (EAMU 2012-1324), Cyflamid (EAMU 2007-0512), Octave, Signum, Switch or Takumi SC (EAMU 2013-1294). Rust products include Headland Copper or Signum.

Pruning Avoid pruning spring-flowering plants including Cornus mas, Callicarpa, Hamamelis, Lonicera 'Winter Beauty', Chaenomeles, forsythia, camellia, skimmia and Viburnum tinus.

Revocations (by 31 October) Check the CRD website. Revocations include Bandu (MAPP 10994), Cleancrop Decathlon (MAPP 12834), Decis (MAPP 07172), Decis Protech (MAPP 11502), other selected products containing deltamethrin, Jouster (MAPP 12741), Lyric (MAPP 13022) and others.

Sciarid flies Maintain applications of Hypoaspis spp. or Macrocheles mites or Atheta beetles on heated propagation beds that remain above 15 degsC through the winter. Trap adult flies using yellow sticky traps.

Light Pull back thermal screens and wash glasshouse shade material to take advantage of sunny days.

Leaf spots Apply Octave, Rovral WG (2011-3200) or Switch to protected crops vulnerable to fungal leaf spotting which can overwinter on evergreens, plant debris and dead leaves hanging on deciduous crops.

Mites Apply Apollo 50SC (EAMU 2014-1271) to Aesculus, Alnus, choisya, Crinodendron, Fraxinus, phormium, sorbus and Tilia that have been attacked by spider, rust, eriophyid and tarsonemid mites.

Needle cast Prevent damage on conifers by applying Bravo 500 (EAMU 2011-1130) to outdoor crops or Octave, Serenade ASO (EAMUs required), Signum (EAMU 2012-2141) or Switch.

John Adlam, Managing director, Dove Associates

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