10 July - Protect eucalyptus

Eucalyptus - Shade protected crops in warm weather to prevent oedema - bumps produced on new top leaves from warm, humid conditions. Also check for nymphs of suckers on young growth.

Ash leaf sucker - Check for small (3mm long) bluish-green insects with red eyes. Feeding causes leaf-edge curl and purple discolouration. Spray with Decis, Dursban WG or Hallmark WZT (EAMU 2008-2944) if seen.

Grass weeds - To control annual meadow grass and some perennial grass weeds, apply Aramo (EAMU 2015-0454) on a range of outdoor shrub, heather and herbaceous crops. The optimum time for application is before weeds have started tillering.

Bark-boring beetles - Adults lay eggs from July onwards by boring small holes under joints or leaf axils. Eggs hatch and grubs bore into the tree. Suppress adult activity by spraying Decis, Dursban WG or Hallmark WZT (EAMU 2008-2944) on stems of outdoor-grown trees.

Apple & pear sucker - Apply Dimilin Flo, Hallmark WZT, Toppel 100 or Equity to control. Make sure latest time of application and harvest intervals are completed before despatch. Control sooty mould on ornamental crops using Octave or Rovral WG (EAMU 2011-3200).

Adult vine weevil - Control feeding adults by spraying Chess WG or Steward during the day and products containing chlorpyrifos and Hallmark WZT (EAMU 2008-2944) during late afternoon onto foliage of vulnerable ornamentals (see p23).

Scale insects - Control with Chess WG (EAMU 2013-1434), Dursban WG, Gazelle SG, Hallmark WZT (EAMU 2008-2944) or SB Plant Invigorator. Remove sooty mould using Rovral WG (EAMUs required) or Octave.

Rust - Control using Amistar (EAMU 2009-0443), Bumper 250EC (EAMUs required), Cuprokylt (EAMU 2015-1176), Folicur, Plover (EAMUs required), Signum (EAMU 2012-2141) or Systhane 20EW.

Flea beetles - Apply Chess WG (EAMU 2013-2016), Calypso (EAMUs required), Decis (non-IPM), Majestik, SB Plant Invigorator, Hallmark WZT (non-IPM, EAMU 2008-2944), Pyrethrum 5EC or Spruzit to Crambe, fuchsia, wallflowers and others.

Sap - Euphorbia, ficus and Ruta are particularly noted for causing allergic skin reactions on some staff when sap and ultraviolet light combine.

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