Me & my job: Susan Renny, director, Big G Products

What is your typical day?

During our retirement my husband Graham invented the Grab-O-Saurus, a device for lifting objects on the ground without bending down.Since then, I have become responsible for organising its publicity. I'm usually up at 7am. I have a lot of animals to look after including a dog, a cat and horses. I spend about six hours a day in the office, which is a room in our farmhouse. I occasionally sneak away to take the dog for a walk, around the farm or in the village. It clears my head. Later in the day I carry out domestic chores such as cooking and I occasionally see my friends.

What takes up most of your time?

I do all the publicity writing for the Grab-O-Saurus because I used to be a journalist. There's a lot of admin as well. At the beginning we had to apply for grants to pay for the patent and get our company registered. Then we worked with two universities to make a mould and a prototype of the Grab-O-Saurus.

Do you get out of the office enough?

No, I don't. But, of course, I don't mind. It's a very exciting experience. I wake up at 3am thinking of all the things we can do with this product.

What is the best part of your job?

It's when people write to me or phone and say: "This is the best product; I love it."

And the worst?

I am very untidy in the office - just an absolute nightmare. My desk is covered with papers.

What piece of kit can't you do without? I'm not sure this counts, but I have specific skincare products that I buy from the US and I would hate to be without them. They are not overly expensive, just a special thing to spoil myself with.

How do you wind down after a day's work?

I ride my horse or have a whacking great glass of wine in a big comfortable chair.

What does the future hold? I hope we can extend our horizons overseas and see more people enjoying our gadget. My husband's working on a couple of products but I think I've got enough to do with the Grab-O-Saurus.

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