Me & My job - Lucy Cole, supervisor, Climbers and Creepers, Kew gardens

What does your typical day involve? Every day is very different in our interactive botanical play area here at Kew gardens. Our busy periods are during school holidays when we run art, craft and plant-based activities for families.

We usually start work around 10am with a briefing. During the school term we receive school groups and look after the children's garden, where we grow fruit and vegetables and run an after-school gardening club for children between April and October. Closing time can be variable but currently it is 5.30pm and we finish by 6pm.

What takes up most of your time? Organising children's art, craft and plant-based activities during weekends and school holidays. The gardening club takes a lot of planning and organising to maintain member numbers and volunteers to help.

Do you get out of the office enough? Yes, depending on the time of year. I am out for 60 per cent of the time, interacting with children, and about 95 per cent over the school holidays.

What is the best part of your job? Running the gardening club, showing children and adults how easy it is to grow their own fruit and vegetables. It is amazing observing children harvesting their own crops, and talking about how much they love gardening.

And the worst? Dealing with irate members of the public. What piece of kit can't you do without? Double-sided sticky tape, like on Blue Peter.

How do you wind down after a day's work? A nice meal cooked with fresh produce from the children's garden.

What does the future hold? We hope to increase our after-school clubs with different activities, including the gardening club, which has been running successfully for three seasons now.

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