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Asano: each deep-pink chrysanthemum flower has up to 100 pointed petals

Hardy Plant Focus: Prunus part 1 - flowering cherries for the garden

Flowering cherries are a quintessential harbinger of spring in the UK — probably more so than crab apples, hawthorns, rowans and whitebeams combined — and they likely constitute the most often-planted and widely recognised garden trees.

Magnolia 'Royal Purple'

Hardy Plant Focus: Magnolia — large-flowered hybrids for the garden

This genus contains unarguably some of the most beautiful shrubs and trees, in terms of both flowers and fragrance, that we are able to grow in our temperate UK climate.

Ulmus glabra: wych and Scotch elm are now relatively rare in the British Isles after having been largely decimated by Dutch elm disease

Native trees and shrubs - part five

Natives can add high ornamental and wildlife value in parks, urban gardens and rural estates, writes Sally Drury.

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Top 200 UK Garden Centres ranking sees retailers bounce back from the pandemic

Latest figures for the 12th annual and expanded HortWeek Top 200 Garden Centres show the uplift caused by the pandemic in 2021.


HortWeek's top 100 ornamental growers 2022 shows Brexit and Covid impact

This year’s ranking shows how Brexit’s impact on the economy and the Covid pandemic’s impact on lifestyles led to increases in growers’ production and turnover.

Growth and diversification for the 2022 Top 70 Landscape & Maintenance Contractors

The top 10 cumulative turnovers are roughly 10% up on last year.

Top 20 UK Glasshouse Salad Growers face falling sales in a year of unprecedented pressures

The salad-growing industry in the UK has been under severe pressure because of energy price rises, caused largely by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Rows of strawberry plants in a Charlton Farms polytunnel in Kent

Top UK fruit producers continuing to grow, latest HortWeek ranking reveals


The top 25 arboriculture businesses show how they weathered the worst of the pandemic

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