Tim Edwards

Tim Edwards is managing director of Boningale Nurseries. 

Tim Edwards

Opinion: Edwards On... Plant supply and health

Increasingly, and rightly, plant health/biosecurity is being recognised as something of which all of us involved in plant supply must be aware.

According To Edwards ... Why horticulture needs a different dialogue to farming

The Government will always look on "horticulture" as a sector within "agriculture" and, when the trade effectively gets its message across, the Government recognises "nursery stock" as a non-edible subset of horticulture.

According To Edwards ... Changes large and small anticipated for UK producers

No one knows the changes that Brexit will impose on the UK over time. Some will surely be massive and they are already being guessed at. But there will be little changes too and some of those will ripple out over time to surprisingly large effect. I don't pretend to know what will happen, but it's fun to speculate.

According To Edwards ... Political decisions key to UK trade after leaving the EU

I voted to remain in the EU and it took me a while to get my head around the fact that we are leaving. I have never doubted that the UK could do well outside the EU. My concern is that to do well the right political decisions need to be made.

According To Edwards ... Improving the lot of civilisation

The history of Intellectual Property in England is quite fascinating.

Edwards On ... Quantum change in importance of plant health

Plant health is a subject discussed more and more by nurserymen. The fact that it is now being discussed by landscape contractors too indicates a quantum change in importance.

Edwards On ... Concessions needed for some on wage change

The National Living Wage (NLW) comes into force next month, increasing the hourly rate for over-25s from £6.70 to £7.20. That rise of almost 7.5 per cent will be the first of several that will ultimately lift the minimum wage above £9 an hour.

According to Seabrook....Quality sells more than strong-arm tactics

Driving into EuroPlants for their Silver Jubilee Spring Open Day last month it struck me that quality sells. They have perfectly cone-shaped yews some 6m high and all manner of shaped trees, shrubs and climbers. Everywhere you cast an eye the nursery stock was superb.

According To Edwards ... Xylella poses serious threat to production

The latest plant health problem to sink its metaphorical teeth into Europe is called Xylella, a bacterium passed between plants by sucking insects and first identified in California as a serious problem on vines and has a history of being taken seriously.

Edwards On ... The pitfalls of going for the big numbers

Back in the 1970s, if you had a garden then you probably spent your Sundays in it - there wasn't much else to do back then.

According to Edwards...Why plant health is being taken more seriously

Ash dieback, or more accurately the British public's reaction to it, marked a change in the way we consider plant health.

According To Edwards ... International trade and plant health

Manufacturers get excited by the thought of exporting. There is something righteous about the idea - exports help the nation. Imports are the other side of the coin. In the UK, as far as hardy plants are concerned, where we do far more of the latter than we do of the former, we do not get as excited as Italian or Dutch nurserymen at the thought of trade barriers relaxing.

According To Edwards ... The benefits of lower VAT on plant sales

VAT is fairly straight forward - it's 20 per cent. Well, there's no VAT on books or food, but it's 20 per cent on plants. Only, if you're selling a hazelnut plant, which is never going to produce much food, you can sell it without VAT. I guess that goes for herbs too and anything else edible. Is lavender a herb? Perhaps VAT on plants is not so clear-cut.

According To Edwards ... Find ways to support homegrown product

There is a grey area between sensible regulation and illegal protectionism that makes it difficult to see the line dividing the two.