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Maintain plant health with our plant pest and disease alerts and factsheets on the most common threats.

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Pest & Disease Management Factsheets

Pest & Disease Management - Aphids

Pest & Disease Management - Aphids

With their pear-shaped bodies, long antennae and a pair of rear-end siphunculi -- or exhaust pipes as they are sometimes described -- aphids are one of the most easily recognised and common glasshouse pests.

Pest & Disease Factsheet - Whiteflies

Pest & Disease Factsheet - Whiteflies

Whiteflies are sap-sucking insects that can be found in high numbers on protected crops. They can also attack outdoor crops including brassicas.

Pest & Disease Factsheet - Damping off

Pest & Disease Factsheet - Damping off

This disease kills seedlings by drawing on the nutrients of a host's dead cells, causing plants to collapse.

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