Peter Seabrook

Peter Seabrook is a gardening writer and broadcaster.

Seabrook On... Sensible pricing levels

One of the big retail chains has flower seeds on sale at 25p a packet, while one of the specialist mail-order companies has six nigella plants on offer at £15 plus £4.95 carriage charges.

Seabrook On... Improvements and choice in violas and pansies

Leading nurseryman Rowland Smith from Battlesbridge in Essex, speaking to his local church group on bedding plant production, was asked whether he still grows old heritage cultivars.

Seabrook on...a shared house and hub for horticulture

Driving into the new HTA offices at Chilton is akin to visiting a large country house, with impressive portico, reception area with sparkling, fresh-green and flower-full wonder wall of houseplants and large hall area to ground-floor meeting rooms.

Seabrook On... Garden centre inspectors

No apology for writing in praise once again of the Monday programme at the Garden Centre Association (GCA) conference, even if the return taxi fare from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrews did cost me £250.

According to Seabrook...Patience and time are key factors for packet seed trade

Speaking at the Fleuroselect conference in Germany recently, David Domoney -- in his usual uplifting and inspiring delivery -- focused on how many people are now asset-rich and time-poor.

Seabrook on...Product showcase and valuable networking at Four Oaks

The Four Oaks Trade Show is a must on my calendar.

Seabrook On ... Lack of specialist coverage will impact horticulture

July saw the usual cross-country tour of trial grounds and offered the opportunity to catch up with all the latest novelties due to be introduced next season, get re-acquainted with established lines and meet up with a good cross section of the trade. The notable thing for me was the shrinking number of fellow scribes and broadcasters attending these events.

Seabrook on...Cultivators at sharp end of politically correct positions

It is easy for senior management in large organisations to take politically correct positions -- for example, deciding on a policy of no-pesticide horticulture -- while for staff at the sharp end having to cultivate plants it is a quite different matter.

According To Seabrook ... Quality and range stand out at plant show

The HTA National Plant Show has become a must-attend event for anyone in the plant producing and selling worlds.

According to Seabrook...Quality and range stand out at plant show

The HTA National Plant Show has become a must-attend event for anyone in the plant producing and selling worlds. The quality of plant material, range of standard lines and extensive showing of novelties this year (21-22 June) were quite remarkable.

Seabrook On ... Who is there to help the home gardener?

A press briefing earlier this year outlined ambitious RHS plans. The investment of £160m was announced to include dramatic changes to the Wisley Garden entrance, a new building for the science department, the unique "Y-front" shaped building on the hilltop site to include a large restaurant, plus a new fruit and vegetable garden.

According To Seabrook ... Recognising the value of industry experience

What price loyalty? When it comes to insurance companies, road rescue organisations, energy suppliers and the like newcomers often get a better deal than long-serving customers who trustingly pay on receipt of invoice. Loyal members of staff certainly deserve special treatment and having worked for this publication and its predecessor titles for more than 50 years I would say that, would I not?