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Horticulture Jobs
More Horticulture Jobs

How To Buy...

Buyers' guide: Hedge trimmers & cutters

Buyers' guide: Hedge trimmers & cutters

Having the correct kit will help you get the job done quickly and to the desired standard, says Sally Drury.

Buyers' guide - Lending trees support

Buyers' guide - Lending trees support

Young, newly-planted trees need all the support and protection they can get, writes Sally Drury.

Buyers' guide - Tree stakes and ties

Buyers' guide - Tree stakes and ties

The size of the planting stock will determine which support system to use, Sally Drury advises.

Parks & Gardens In Depth

Reviewed - compact tractors

Reviewed - compact tractors

How does the 3045R shape up on performance, productivity and comfort criteria? Sally Drury finds out.

Apprenticeships - Trailblazer progress

Apprenticeships - Trailblazer progress

Consultation on the trailblazers programme has seen broad acceptance of the new apprenticeship scheme from the horticulture industry, Jack Shamash writes.

Careers In Horticulture - Managing green places

Careers In Horticulture - Managing green places

Careers in the amenity horticulture sector offer numerous options for enthusiastic people who are keen to learn new skills, says Jez Abbott.

Market report - Kit for pitches

Market report - Kit for pitches

Quality equipment is vital for maintaining sports pitches facing ever greater demand, says Sally Drury.

Sargent's solutions: advice on how to approach a significant promotion

Sargent's solutions: advice on how to approach a significant promotion

Make sure that your employer understands your position when accepting a highly responsible post for which you are due training, says Alan Sargent.

What Kit

Find and compare landscape & amenity equipment.

Kevin Line's Blog

Kevin Line

Head gardener Kevin Line explores his passion for and experiments with plants

Sally DruryAsk Sally Drury

Horticulture week's equipment expert answers your questions

Parks & Gardens Comment

Horticulture at the city's heart

Two of the hottest trends in urban horticulture feature in this issue - firstly the proliferation of roof gardens across the capital, and second, the introduction of sustainable closed-crop growing systems.

Enabling green development

With housebuilding running at about half that required to meet the housing shortage, it is no surprise to see politicians of every hue embrace the garden city concept in the hope it can kick-start larger-scale development with a green vision that will counter local fears of characterless urban sprawl.

According to Dixon...A shining example of a sustainable city

Sustainability is a vitally important concept but it has been bandied about for so long that it is now clich├ęd.

Sargent's Solutions

Alan Sargent

Your professional gardening and landscaping problems solved.

Green Space Management

Sid Sullivan

Consultant Sid Sullivan advises on parks management, including best practice in tendering.

Green Flag Awards

Green Flag Awards

See the full list of winners and case studies on award-winning parks.

Make Parks A Priority

Campaign: Make Parks A Priority

Horticulture Week's campaign to protect urban parks from decline

Latest tenders

Battle Town Council

is looking for expressions of interest for the development of a cemetery extension.

Closing date: 7th July 2015

Forthcoming Events

Baby Leaf Salads Trial Open Day

  • Field off Old Park Lane, Fishbourne, West Sussex PO18

Chalara- Ground Zero Field Trip

  • Framlingham, Suffolk UK

NIAB/TAG/HDC Onion Seed (Field) Open Day

  • Norfolk, UK.