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How To Buy...

Buyers' guide - Lending trees support

Buyers' guide - Lending trees support

Young, newly-planted trees need all the support and protection they can get, writes Sally Drury.

Buyers' guide - Tree stakes and ties

Buyers' guide - Tree stakes and ties

The size of the planting stock will determine which support system to use, Sally Drury advises.

Buyers' guide - Tractors

Buyers' guide - Tractors

Vibration levels, implements and working conditions are key considerations, Sally Drury explains.

Parks & Gardens In Depth

Dixon on...A changing landscape for trust's gardens

Dixon on...A changing landscape for trust's gardens

The National Trust owns fantastic gardens. They chart English gardening's evolution from early enclosed knot gardens through parklands to the intimacies of suburban owner-occupied plots and all in-between.

Kit test: Pedestrian mowers

Kit test: Pedestrian mowers

Four manufacturers submit new models for testing on the grounds at Derby College, Sally Drury reports.

Market report - Pedestrian mowers

Market report - Pedestrian mowers

A wide variety of styles, sizes and power options ensures models suitable for all jobs, Sally Drury finds.

Sargent's solutions: how much should you charge for your garden services?

Sargent's solutions: how much should you charge for your garden services?

There is a lot more to working out how much to charge for your services than simply looking at your competitors' rates, Alan Sargent explains.

According To Hewson... It's gardening Jim, but not as we know it

According To Hewson... It's gardening Jim, but not as we know it

What are we to make of the BBC's The Big Allotment Challenge and Great British Garden Revival? Aside from their entertainment value, will they help bring a new audience and much-needed cash to the garden market? After all, someone needs to buy the many splendid plants we grow.

What Kit

Find and compare landscape & amenity equipment.

Kevin Line's Blog

Kevin Line

Head gardener Kevin Line explores his passion for and experiments with plants

Sally DruryAsk Sally Drury

Horticulture week's equipment expert answers your questions

Parks & Gardens Comment

Scrap Lea Valley proposals

When the head of planning and partnerships at the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority Stephen Wilkinson says he and the organisation he represents do not want to undermine the glasshouse industry in the Lea Valley or "close existing businesses", we must assume he is sincere.

According to Farrer...Green infrastructure benefits overlooked

On Thursday 15 January the Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) is being challenged in court as the wrong solution to meeting London's future sewer overflow from increasingly prevalent extreme rain events.

Barrell On ... Trees: more trouble than they're worth?

Trees damage services, take up too much space and cost too much money; three historic myths that are real barriers to modern urban greening. Of course, the evidence does not support these misconceptions, but they still remain commonly quoted reasons not to plant new trees.

Sargent's Solutions

Alan Sargent

Your professional gardening and landscaping problems solved.

Green Space Management

Sid Sullivan

Consultant Sid Sullivan advises on parks management, including best practice in tendering.

Green Flag Awards

Green Flag Awards

See the full list of winners and case studies on award-winning parks.

Make Parks A Priority

Campaign: Make Parks A Priority

Horticulture Week's campaign to protect urban parks from decline

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Broadwalk Borders Project - Perennials and Grasses.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Closing Date: 27th February 2015

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