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Summaries of Horticultural Development Company trials plus an extensive archive of practical findings from academic research and scientific trials compiled by Dr Ken Cockshull.

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Science Into Practice - Conference pear storage

18 April 2014

Early experience of using SmartFreshTM in pear stores found that the fruit often fails to ripen properly after coming out of store. Subsequent experimental trials have indicated that Conference pears do retain their ability to ripen if storage temper...


Science Into Practice - Better defences for lettuce crops

21 March 2014

Spray programmes incorporating already approved and experimental bio-fungicides and chemical products with activity against the main lettuce diseases are being evaluated in HDC project FV/PE 410 "Lettuce: Further development of 'Best Practice' for di...


Science Into Practice - Weed control for narcissus

07 March 2014

The use of herbicides after cropping in narcissus production is important because weeds germinate after the soil has been disturbed by pickers.


Science Into Practice - Timing sowing for snap peas

21 February 2014

Pea breeders have introduced several new snap pea varieties to the industry. However, until now there has been no independent assessment or evaluation of these compared to existing standard varieties.


Science Into Practice - Green-waste mulching

07 February 2014

After a Waste Resources Action Programme-funded project to assess the effect of green waste as a mulch in newly planted orchards, the HDC funded project TF 177 managed by Tim Biddlecombe of the Farm Advisory Services Team to compare subsequent effe...


Science Into Practice - Biological aphid control

24 January 2014

Hawthorn-parsley aphid (Dysaphis apiifolia) and mint aphid (Ovatus crataegarius) are common pests on parsley and mint respectively. Growers have not seen parasitism of either of these aphids by any of the three parasitoid species commonly used in gla...


Science Into Practice - Latest parsnip varieties tested

10 December 2013

Following the first independent variety trial on parsnips for many years, in FV 336, a second trial was commissioned to include new varieties released since that project was completed in order to provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of t...


Science Into Practice - New fungicides to defend crops

22 November 2013

The fungal diseases smoulder (Botrytis narcissicola) and white mould (Ramularia vallisumbrosae) are favoured by wet weather and likely to become more of a problem if the climate changes as predicted.


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