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Beat the bugs by staying up to date with our plant pest and disease alerts and factsheets on the most common threats.

Pest & Disease Factsheets

Pest and disease factsheet - Leaf miners

These larvae damage leaves on ornamental crops.

Pest & Disease Management - Tarsonemid and eriophyid mites

These two key groups can cause damage across a variety of ornamental crops.


Cankers in nursery stock species are characterised by the death of cambium tissue of woody stems, branches or twigs, causing them to sink in.

Pest and disease management - Sciarid fly

This pest can transmit a range of diseases.

Pest and disease management - Phytophthora root rots

Be alert to prevent damage from these pathogens.

Pest & Disease Management - Needle blights

Numerous conifer species are potentially at risk.


John AdlamJohn Adlam's Notes From The Nursery

A weekly roundup of jobs to do and what to watch out for to ensure your crops are protected.

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