Horticultural Techniques

Horticultural Techniques In Depth

Liquid feeding

Liquid feeding

24 April 2014

The application of fertilisers through irrigation systems has many benefits over conventional spraying.


Horticultural techniques - Adjuvants

31 May 2013

These substances can improve the performance of your pesticides or spray mixtures.

Green-manure crops

Green-manure crops

02 May 2013

Green-manure crops -- also known as cover crops -- play an important part in field-crop production in both agriculture and horticulture.

Water acidification

Water acidification

04 April 2013

Most of the water in the South and South East contains appreciable amounts of calcium, giving it its characteristic "hardness". These calcium levels can result in several problems, all of which can be alleviated by acidifying the water. Although pH...

Nursery Stock - Growing gains

Nursery Stock - Growing gains

15 July 2011

Three Dutch research projects are examining how growers can minimise water use and employ LEDs for root cuttings, Gavin McEwan reports.

Reducing energy use - glasshouse innovations

Reducing energy use - glasshouse innovations

25 February 2011

European researchers are finding innovative ways to cut energy use in glasshouses, Gavin McEwan reports.

Going underground

Going underground

16 April 2010

Checking for problems below ground level at an early stage can pay dividends for growers, Peter Groeneveld advises.


New thinking on pest and disease control puts plant feeding first.

14 July 2008

Horticulture has lost many of its conventional synthetic pesticides previously widely used for pest and disease control. The reasons for this -- such as public demands for much reduced residues in food and the environment or the limited return on res...


Controlling tree growth

10 April 2008

East Malling Research scientists Chris Atkinson, Neil Hipps and Mike Davies report on an experiment to restrict roots to regulate tree sizes with the help of geotextile membranes.


Herbicide-free weed control

14 February 2008

Is it possible to suppress weeds successfully without the use of herbicides? A look at alternative methods used across Europe


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