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Seabrook on...Building a sound market for novelty plants

30 July 2014

Adam Pasco, speaking to the Fleuroselect Convention, pointed out there was no direct dialogue between breeder and consumer. I heard that several Wisley trials judges buy seasonal bedding plants from Lidl - colourful packs with no labels and at a cut ...

Dixon On ... Pooling knowledge from across the globe

Dixon On ... Pooling knowledge from across the globe

25 July 2014

Horticulturists have international dimensions.

Grower showcase starts here

Grower showcase starts here

25 July 2014

The search for the very best examples of UK production horticulture practice has begun this week with the launch of the 2015 UK Grower Awards.

According to Seabrook...Well-run businesses meet gold standard

According to Seabrook...Well-run businesses meet gold standard

17 July 2014

One of the real pleasures for me is to visit a really well-run business, efficiently operated, with enthusiastic staff working in neat conditions.


Barrell On ... Vigilance needed in tree-risk management

11 July 2014

The recent inquest into the death of a young woman at Kew Gardens in 2012 caused by a falling branch from a mature cedar raised important tree-risk management questions. After lengthy proceedings, a jury found that there was insufficient evidence to ...

The high value of collaboration

The high value of collaboration

11 July 2014

If there was any doubt that collaboration pays, two important developments within horticulture's wonderfully diverse but, for far too long, dangerously fragmented industry should settle the matter for good.

According To Edwards ... Garden industry needs to think long-term

According To Edwards ... Garden industry needs to think long-term

11 July 2014

In days of old, a visit to the garden centre could be an intimidating experience - all those Latin names, the suggestion that a plant would expire if not given just the right situation and the nationwide understanding that there were mysteries only u...


Hewson On ... Splendid shows are there to be enjoyed

27 June 2014

So another spring has passed and with it a quite splendid RHS Chelsea Flower Show.


According To Seabrook ... Thank heavens for Eastern Europeans

27 June 2014

An immigrant worker on a Dutch nursery is sticking 4,000 chrysanthemum cuttings per hour; the lady was so fast you could hardly see her hands move.

Data brings crisis to the fore

Data brings crisis to the fore

27 June 2014

It is almost exactly a year since the Parks Alliance was formed, bringing key professional bodies within the parks and allied sectors together to lobby, engage and communicate on behalf of embattled urban parks and green spaces.


Kate LoweKate Lowe

Coping with a 'perfect storm'

13 June 2014

Getting the message across to those outside the world of professional horticulture - and first and foremost our politicians - about the damage that will be wrought tomorrow from today's green-space maintenance budget cuts remains the single biggest c...


Tracking movers and shakers

30 May 2014

This edition sees our annual update of the Garden Retail Power 100 (see p24), our take on the who's who of movers and shakers in the garden retail sector.


Professor Geoff Dixon

According To Dixon ... Rethink needed on agroforestry decision

18 April 2014

Continual rain over three winter months flooded large areas, devastating lives, homes, businesses and communications.


Dixon On ... Taking steps to boost horticulture's image

22 November 2013

Politically, horticulture's image has lacked punch and impact. Yes, Parliament's British fruit industry group and the gardening and horticulture groups led by Laura Sandys and Brian Donohue ably raise the flag. But they compete against a huge number ...


Peter SeabrookPeter Seabrook

Seabrook On ... Competitive spirit can lead to a better job

16 May 2014

April and the early May bank holiday weather were remarkably good and provided the kind of conditions that in the past would have seen sales soar.


According to Seabrook...Are TV shopping channels an answer for specialist growers?

24 April 2014

The speed of change is frightening and while firms take desperate measures to survive they can easily lose sight of their core business.


Andrew HewsonAndrew Hewson

Hewson On ... Public let down by sales of allotment plots

02 May 2014

When I was growing up in deepest Yorkshire, I used to hang out with the old guys down at the allotments. It was a welcome distraction from schooldays and my ceaseless struggle to be the next Geoffrey Boycott.


Hewson On ... Clean stock always was key to success

07 March 2014

If there is an "everyday" pest that strikes fear into the hearts and minds of growers, gardeners and amenity folk alike, it is black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus).


Jeremy BarrellJeremy Barrell

According To Barrell ... Natural assets must have natural context

30 May 2014

After a long winter, April is always uplifting.


According To Barrell ... Contrasting approaches to heritage trees

04 April 2014

There is a hidden threat to our heritage trees. The National Trust has a reputation for delivering the highest standards in conserving architectural heritage, but it seems that philosophy is not so rigorously applied to environmental assets.


Noel FarrerNoel Farrer

Farrer on...Why we need to be noticed by politicians

05 June 2014

Landscape architects deal in place making, design, environment and land management. This is all very well but it does not get us noticed with decision makers and politicians.


Farrer On ... Need, not liability, should define play areas

18 April 2014

I have just seen another £200,000 spent on a playground, once again resulting in an area of rubber surfacing covered in boring, risk-averse play equipment surrounded by fencing.


Tim EdwardsTim Edwards

According to Edwards...Prime time for pricing to stop being silly

08 May 2014

It seems likely that sometime in the next few months the UK economy will regain the level from which it fell in 2008. Construction lags behind most other industries in its climb back to those pre-recession heights, but even that sector is in buoyant ...


Securing the benefits of higher demand

13 March 2014

Latest assessments forecast UK growth at 2.7 per cent for the next 12 months, well ahead of the rest of Europe. If that prediction comes to pass, we can expect promising demand for plants, but who will supply them?


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