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Business Planning - Making your staff a unique selling point

Business Planning - Making your staff a unique selling point

18 April 2014

Your employees can help you to differentiate from your competition in a positive way, says Neville Stein.



29 March 2014

Cankers in nursery stock species are characterised by the death of cambium tissue of woody stems, branches or twigs, causing them to sink in.

Communication - Are you ready should disaster strike?

Communication - Are you ready should disaster strike?

21 March 2014

Organisations that can respond well to crises are more likely to succeed, says Ben Hurley.


Pest And Disease Factsheets

Pest & Disease Management - Needle blights

Numerous conifer species are potentially at risk.

Pest & Disease Factsheet - Plane anthracnose

Foliage damage can render some plants unsellable.

Pest & Disease Management - Ash dieback

Wet weather has helped this disease to spread.

Pest & Disease Management - Giant polypore

This wood decay fungus can damage trees internally before any external evidence has been noticed.

Pest & Disease Management - Leafhoppers, capsids and suckers

The piercing and sucking mouthparts of these pests can lead to market rejections of ornamental crops.

Pest & Disease Factsheet - Scale insects

The waxy scales of these pests can protect them from predators and insecticides and damage plant stock.



How To Buy...

Buyers' guide - Brushcutters The terrain and nature of the job will dictate which machine you should be using, Sally Drury explains.

Buyers' guide - Woodchippers Arborists, landscapers and grounds-maintenance teams can put chippers to good use, says, Sally Drury.

Buyers' Guide - Blowers and sweepers Sally Drury looks at blowers and sweepers that can be handheld, pushed, vehicle-mounted or towed.

How to buy - Chainsaws The latest models will cover a wide variety of different professional tasks, Sally Drury finds.

How to buy - Hedgetrimmers Sally Drury looks at the options open to users of handheld and tractor-mounted trimmers.

How to buy - Tree guards and shelters Choosing the cheapest products will not always yield the best results for a scheme, Sally Drury warns.

Machinery Tests

FSI D67-720 4WD

FSI D67-720 4WD

07 February 2014

With four-wheel drive, diff lock and radio control, this go-anywhere machine is designed to get to work in those intensely awkward situations and allows the operator to stand in a safe and convenient position. It also has a massive 2m sweep, which w...

FSI ST 20B Petrol

FSI ST 20B Petrol

07 February 2014

If you hate the jiggling required by some small pedestrian stump grinders, then you have to try this one. It is well built but, crucially, it has a turntable that makes sweeping the stump a breeze. No operator force is required - and it's got agility...

FSI D30-470

FSI D30-470

07 February 2014

Powered by a water-cooled 30hp Kubota diese engine, this solidly built machine boasts a sweep of 1.35m - that's more than 4ft - and can grind to a depth of 38cm. We are expecting great things of it. What we learn is the value of selecting the right t...

Forst ST6

Forst ST6

25 October 2013

It is always exciting to have a new brand enter the market. When it is one that is built by an experienced and knowledgeable woodchipper distributor and is based almost entirely on customer research, we expect it to be something special. We are not d...


What's New

Bomford Pro Drill Head

21 March 2014

Providing Bomford arm mower owners with alternative uses outside the hedge-cutting season, the Pro Drill Head can be used to power either a range of post-hole borers or a tree stump planer. A heavy-duty hydraulic motor can be used at oil flow rates ...


LimbSaw aid for tree-trimming

25 October 2013

A commercial-grade tree-trimming attachment, the LimbSaw from Kitt Agri of Bridgwater mounts directly onto the front-end loader of a tractor or skidsteer and connects to the auxiliary hydraulics to enable trimming up to 8ft beyond the reach of the lo...

Pellenc brushcutter features heavy-duty harness

Pellenc brushcutter features heavy-duty harness

11 October 2013

Part of an introductory launch offer that sees customers offered a ULB80P battery, Excelion 2000 brushcutter and roll-cut head for 1,500 + VAT, the new trimming unit from Pellenc weighs in at just 5.1kg and it comes with a heavy-duty harness. Sold...


Little Wonder brushcutter

27 September 2013

Designed for tough vegetation, this new brushcutter from Schiller Grounds Care has a hydrostatic transaxle to give infinitely variable speeds up to 4.2mph forwards and 2.6mph in reverse. The unit is constructed from sevenand 10-gauge welded steel a...


Products Just Out - Charterhouse website

27 September 2013

Pulling together its Soil Harmony and Just Saws operations, Charterhouse Turf Machinery has launched a website displaying all its products.


New blowers, mowers, aerators and products for artificial turf launched at Saltex

13 September 2013

Blowers Schiller Grounds Care has self-propelled the High Performance Vacuum with infinitely variable hydrostatic drive. The Cramer LS 5000 sweeper vac now features a slide-out collection bag and optional gas-conversion kit. Simon Tullett Machinery...


What Kit?

Find and compare landscape & amenity equipment.

What kit? - Find and compare landscape & amenity equipment

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