Gemma Arterton and Guy Hands for Burncoose's pollinator Chelsea Flower Show launch

Actress Gemma Arterton and Wyevale Garden Centre's owner Terra Firma chairman Guy Hands will launch Burncoose Nurseries' Chelsea exhibit as Hands makes his latest investment - into artificial turf.

Guy Hands
Guy Hands

RHS Chelsea Flower Show exhibitor Burncoose Nurseries will be showcasing the importance of insects and animals as plant pollinators in their garden this year, to be launched by Hands and Arterton.

Hands made a €40m investment in artificial turf business SportGroup this May, changing from its usual takeover model make a loan to speed up the company's growth plan.

The 'support capital investment' into SportGroup,which last year acquired artificial grass groups Astroturf and SYNlawn, will help the business expand internationally.

Equistone Partners Europe acquired SportGroup in 2015.

The garden, which has been designed by Burncoose’s Louisa Lazarowicz and Geraldine Hood-Leeder will feature plants which rely on various insects and mammals for pollination.

Alongside highlighting the importance of bees in plant pollination, the Burncoose garden will also feature plants which attract flies, bats, beetles, moths and even those which rely on human intervention for pollination.

The Burncoose Nurseries garden is supported by Terra Firma, the private equity firm. Terra Firma is also a supporter of youth charity The Prince’s Trust and use their sponsorship at RHS Chelsea to support the work of the charity. This year’s Prince’s Trust ambassador, Bond girl Arterton will visit the Burncoose stand on press day.

Gemma Arterton

Charles Williams, owner of Burncoose Nurseries said: "Many people are now aware of the importance of the bee in plant pollination, but the Burncoose team is taking a more in depth look at pollinators. Our garden this year highlights plants which rely on a diverse range of insects, animals and mammals for pollination, from the mundane and sometimes overlooked to the unusual and even exotic."

Hands added: "Once again the Burncoose Nurseries show team have created a beautiful garden with a wonderful theme. We are all aware of the threats to the pollinators on which the health and genetic diversity of much of our plant life depends. However, what many people may not fully appreciate is the range of work carried out by other pollinators. This garden is a great illustration of the diversity of our natural world."

Burncoose Nurseries Plant List 2017

Acer palm. 'Asahi-Zun'
Acer palm. 'Beni-Otake'
Acer palm 'Beni-schicihenge'
Acer palm. diss. 'Crimson King'
Acer palm. diss. 'Crimson Queen'
Acer palm. diss. 'Garnet'
Acer palm. diss. 'Lion Heart'
Acer palm. diss. viridis
Acer palm. 'Jango Kaku'
Acer palm. 'Okagami'
Acer palm. scolopendrifolium 'Atropurpureum'
Acer palm. 'Shaina'
Acer palm. 'Shindeshojo'
Acer palm. 'Shirazz'
Acer palm. 'Suminagachi'
Acer palm. 'Ukigumo'
Acer shirasawanum 'Jordan'
Acer shiraswanum 'Aureum'
Actinidia kolomikta
Adiatum pedatum
* Araujia sericofera
Asplenium trichomanes
Astelia banksii
Astelia chathamica 'Silver Spear'
Astelia nervosa 'Westland'
Astrantia major 'Ruby Wedding'
Athyriumpictum 'Silver Falls'
Azalea 'Cecile'
Azalea 'Daviesii'
Azalea 'Golden Eagle'
Azalea 'Royal Command'
Azalea 'Silver Slipper'
Begonia 'Benitochiba'
* Beschorneria yuccoides
Billardiera longiflora
Blechnum chilense
Buddleja forrestii
Buxus semp. 'Suffruticosa'
Buxus sempervirens
Calceolaria 'Camden Hero'
Calycanthus floridus
* Calycanthus 'Hartlage Wine'
* Calycanthus 'Venus'
Canna 'Pretoria'
Cardiocrinum giganteum
Carex comans 'Frosted Curls'
Carex oshimensis 'Everillo'
Centranthus ruber 'coccineus'
Cercidiphyllum 'Red Fox'
Chamaerops humilis
Clematis 'Ernest Markham'
Clematis 'Nelly Moser'
Clematis 'Vyvyan Pennell'
Coprosma 'Cappuccino'
Coprosma 'Fireburst'
Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler'
Cornus canadensis
Corokia buddlejoides
Corydalis temulifolia 'Chocolate Stars'
Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'
* Cotoneaster walteri
Cryptomeria jap. 'Nana Globosa '
Cycas revoluta
Dicksonia antarctica
Digitalis purpurea albiflorus
Disporum megalantha
Dodonea viscosa 'Purpurea'
Dryopteris 'Cristata the King'
Dryopteris cycadina
Dryopteris erythrosora
Dryopteris sieboldii
* Echium pininana
Echium Red Feathers
Enkianthus camp. 'Pagode'
Enkianthus camp. 'Venus'
Enkianthus campanulatus
Enkianthus cernuus recurvus
Epimedium 'Spine Tingler'
* Eriobotrya deflexa
Eryngium 'Miss Willmott's Ghost'
Euonymus fort. 'Golden Harlequin'
Euphorbia 'Silver Swan'
* Euphorbia x martinii 'Ascot Rainbow'
Eurya japonica 'Moutiers'
Fatsia polycarpa
Geum 'Mrs Bradshaw'
Geum 'Tequila Sunrise'
Geum Totally Tangerine
Gingko biloba
Gunnera magellanica
Gunnera manicata
Hakonechloa inacra. 'All Gold'
Hemerocalis - various
Hosta 'Big Daddy'
Hosta 'Gaiety'
Hosta 'Purple Heart'
Hosta 'Stained Glass'
Hydrangea petiolaris
* Illicium anisatum
Iris jap. 'Variegata'
Jasminum beesianum
* Jasminum polyanthum
Jovellana violacea
Leucadendron 'Burgundy Sunset'
Lupinus 'Manhattan Lights'
* Magnolia 'Summer Solstice'
* Magnolia wilsonii
Marsdenia oreophilia
Mathiasella bup. 'Green Dream'
* Meconopsis 'Lingholm'
Milium effasum 'Aureum'
Myosotidium hortensia
Ophiopogon nigrescens
Protea cynaroides 'Little Prince'
Osmanthus heterophyllus
Osmanthus heterophyllus 'Goshiki'
Osmanthus het. 'Variegatus'
Osmunda regalis 'Purpurescens'
Osmunda regalis
Pachysandra terminalis
Phormium tenax
Physocarpus 'Dart's Gold'
Physocarpus 'Lady in Red'
Picea pungens 'Glauca Globosa'
* Pimula sikkimensis
Pitto tobira 'Nana'
Pittosporum eugenoides 'Variegata'
Pittosporum ten. 'Abbotsbury Gold'
Pittosporum ten. 'Irene Patterson'
Pittosporum ten. 'Tom Thumb'
Pittosporum ten. 'Variegata'
Podocarpus x 'Young Rusty'
Podophyllum 'Kaleidoscope'
Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty'
Polystichum braunii
Polystichum tsussimense
Primula beesiana
Primula bulleyana
Primula heladoxa
Primula japonica 'Miller's Crimson'
Primula japonica 'Postford White'
Primula pulverulenta
Pseudopanax aff. 'Gold Splash'
Pseudopanax 'Sabre'
Rh 'Horizon Monarch'
Rh 'Marcel Menard'
Rh 'Nova Zembia'
Rh 'Percy Wiseman'
Rh 'Surrey Heath'
Rh 'Tortoiseshell Orange'
Rhamnus alaternus
Rheum 'Ace of Hearts'
Rhododendron 'Lord Roberts'
Rhododendron 'Mrs T H Lowinsky'
Rodgersia aesculifolia
Rodgersia pinnata
Rosa roxburgii
Salvia 'Love and Wishes'
Sophora 'Little Baby'
Stachyurus praecox 'Joy Forever'
Stewartia monodelpha
* Stewartia rostrata
Stipa tenuissima
* Styrax japonicus
Teucrium x lucidrys
Thalictrum flavum
* Trachelospermum asiaticum 'Summer Sunset'
* Trachelospermum jap. 'Variegata'
* Trachelospermum jasminoides
Tulbagnia 'Silver Lace'
Ugni molinae 'Flambeau'
Vinca minor 'Illumination'
Waldsteinia ternata
Wisteria sin. 'Alba'
* Wisteria sinensis
Zanthoxylum piperatum

Stand: Great Pavilion GPF 198

* Key pollinator plants featured on the stand

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