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Latest news, in-depth reporting and discussion of the fruit, vegetable and salad crop sector.
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Supermarket retail

Big changers week on week as of 8 September 2014

Cucumber, each 49 Tesco
Lettuce, Chinese leaf, each 120 Asda
Carrots, kg 80 Sainsbury's
Sweetcorn, pp2 200 M&S

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Retail prices from the major supermarkets are collected by Market Intelligence Services and updated every Tuesday.

Wholesale prices

Average most usual as of W/E 12 September 2014.

Tomatoes, round 100  
Celery, all washed 54  
Pears, Conference 63  
Strawberries, all varieties 250  

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*National average wholesale and median prices charged in England.

Data supplied by Defra.

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Edibles Production In Depth

State of the industry - Top-fruit recovery

State of the industry - Top-fruit recovery

Senior industry figures are looking ahead to a bright future for British top fruit but there are still challenges that need to be resolved, Gavin McEwan finds.

Pest & Disease Management - Lettuce downy mildew

Pest & Disease Management - Lettuce downy mildew

Bremia lactucae can be a major problem for field vegetable growers, Professor Geoffrey Dixon warns.

National Fruit Show 2014 - New look unveiled

National Fruit Show 2014 - New look unveiled

This year's National Fruit Show in Kent will see an updated layout in a new exhibition hall to showcase the best of British fruit, Gavin McEwan reports.

Pest & Disease Management - Aphids

Pest & Disease Management - Aphids

With their pear-shaped bodies, long antennae and a pair of rear-end siphunculi -- or exhaust pipes as they are sometimes described -- aphids are one of the most easily recognised and common glasshouse pests.

Pest & Disease Factsheet - Whiteflies

Pest & Disease Factsheet - Whiteflies

Whiteflies are sap-sucking insects that can be found in high numbers on protected crops. They can also attack outdoor crops including brassicas.

Glasshouse technology - smarter growing

Glasshouse technology - smarter growing

June's inaugural GreenTech show highlighted the latest developments in glasshouse systems and equipment, Gavin McEwan reports.

Crop Trials

Westland Seeds features among specialists presenting sweet peppers

The trials marked the first opportunity for new specialist breeder Westland Seeds to show its sweet pepper range.

Nunhems acclaims hydroponics at trials

Nunhems acclaims hydroponics at trials

Glasshouse vegetable trials in the Netherlands feature hydroponics, speciality tomatoes and new sweet pepper range.

Faram & Co unveils new variety of hop

Worcestershire hop merchant and breeder Charles Faram & Co has unveiled a new variety, Olicana, which has been used by Ilkley Brewery in its Olicana Pale.

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