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Landscape Plant Focus


Fast-growing evergreen foliage makes these plants excellent garden features, says Miranda Kimberley


Ornamental types feature bright flowers and can have attractive foliage, says Miranda Kimberley.


The exquisite fragrance of these plants makes them valuable to gardeners, says Miranda Kimberley.


These evergreen trees and shrubs feature distinctive foliage and ornate bark, says Miranda Kimberley.


These evergreen trees and shrubs can look like something from another world, says Miranda Kimberley.


Attractive blooms and appealing bark ensure year-round interest, says Miranda Kimberley.


Landscape In Depth

What now for garden city development?

What now for garden city development?

18 April 2014

Landscape architects, landscape contractors, maintenance teams and amenity suppliers could benefit from prospectus.

Business Planning - Making your staff a unique selling point

Business Planning - Making your staff a unique selling point

18 April 2014

Your employees can help you to differentiate from your competition in a positive way, says Neville Stein.

Sargent's solutions - how to ready your business for proposed changes to customer rights

Sargent's solutions - how to ready your business for proposed changes to customer rights

10 April 2014

Alan Sargent advises that the Customer Rights Bill should be regarded as an opportunity to tighten up professional practice rather than treated as a threat.


Sargent's Solutions

Your professional gardening and landscaping queries answered

Sargent's solutions -

Sargent's solutions - "Do's and don'ts" in hiring your first full time staff member

13 March 2014

By taking on your first full-time employee you are embarking on a serious business journey. Alan Sargent helps you to plot a successful course.


Noel Farrer

Landscape luminary Noel Farrer casts an eye over the state of the industry.

Farrer on...

How To Buy...

Buyers' guide - Brushcutters The terrain and nature of the job will dictate which machine you should be using, Sally Drury explains.

Buyers' guide - Woodchippers Arborists, landscapers and grounds-maintenance teams can put chippers to good use, says, Sally Drury.

Buyers' Guide - Horticultural fabrics From crop protection to insulation, there is a material to meet every horticultural need, says Sally Drury.

Buyers' Guide - Blowers and sweepers Sally Drury looks at blowers and sweepers that can be handheld, pushed, vehicle-mounted or towed.

How to buy - Chainsaws The latest models will cover a wide variety of different professional tasks, Sally Drury finds.

How to buy - Paving, walling & fencing There are important factors to consider when selecting landscape materials, Sally Drury advises.

Latest Machinery Tests

Viking MB 4 RTP

Viking MB 4 RTP

21 February 2014

Look out, the Vikings are coming. Stihl calls this latest model a "mulching expert", and we can see why. This is an efficient performer that gives a nice clean cut, with the finely mulched grass clippings evenly deposited even when conditions are les...

Etesia DuoCut 46 RMHB

Etesia DuoCut 46 RMHB

21 February 2014

With its white and green livery and clean lines, this 46cm mower looks modern and stylish, while the controls might even be described as futuristic. But looks are not everything. The company rep produces a mallet and thumps the Xenoy deck, hard, firs...

Etesia PRO 53 LKX

Etesia PRO 53 LKX

21 February 2014

"This is more like it," Braund enthuses as he tests the second Etesia mower. "It's a well-built machine, a lot wider and there's plenty more power. It cuts dense grass down low." He clearly likes to get the job done. This model has a cast-aluminium ...

Hyundai HYM43P and HYM51SP

Hyundai HYM43P and HYM51SP

21 February 2014

A well-known name in cars and generators, Hyundai is now offering lawn and garden care equipment. Launched at IoG Saltex (September 2013), the range includes hedge trimmers, brushcutters, chainsaws and blowers as well as lawnmowers. It has sold well...


What's New

Midland Power Machinery bought out

18 April 2014

Hire Supply Company HSC has purchased the business and assets of Midland Power Machinery.


Mantis ComposTumbler

18 April 2014

Fresh grass clippings, leaves, farmyard manures and weeds can all be piled into a Mantis ComposTumbler to give nutrient-rich compost in just two weeks when an activator is added.

Viking iMOW

Viking iMOW

18 April 2014

Stihl has joined the robotic lawnmower market with the introduction of the intelligent Viking-branded iMOW.


Bomford Pro Drill Head

21 March 2014

Providing Bomford arm mower owners with alternative uses outside the hedge-cutting season, the Pro Drill Head can be used to power either a range of post-hole borers or a tree stump planer. A heavy-duty hydraulic motor can be used at oil flow rates ...


Blec two-wheel tractor

21 March 2014

With a power transmission unit that will operate many of the company's machines, a new two-wheel tractor built by Blec can be specified with Honda or Yamaha engines to give petrol or diesel options.


Countax C-Series

21 March 2014

With a powered cut-and-collect system, the new C-Series lawn tractor from Countax can mow quickly. The XRD cutter deck uses contra-rotating blades to cut the grass before throwing the clippings in front of the collector. Driven by the tractor's engi...


What Kit?

Find and compare landscape & amenity equipment.

What kit? - Find and compare landscape & amenity equipment

Andrew Fisher Tomlin

Inside the mind of a garden designer.

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